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Conflict Resolution Research Paper - 1375 Words

Conflict Resolution (Research Paper Sample) Content: NursingStudent Name:Institution:Owing to the many improvements in nursing, the profession has continued to grow leaps and bounds. Today, advanced practice nurses (APNs) are able to play different roles, including advanced kind of clinical practice, professional/clinical leadership, research, as well as development (NHS, 2010). Conversely, physicians can play various roles as medical experts, care collaborators and communicators, managers, scholars, health advocates and professionals (DHMA, 2014). In the recent past, there have been controversies regarding the need to expand APNs practice scope to allow them to practice to full degree of their training and education through elimination of the historical, policy and regulatory barriers (Iglehart, 2013). Some physicians feel that expanding APNs practice scope will infringe the most respected physician roles. Importantly, one of the controversies includes the authority of APNs to prescribe medications where required. In fact, I witnessed a situation where nurses in the medical ward conflicted over the care of a patient who died after receiving medical attention from an APN who prescribed for her the medication regimen in the absence of the physician. When the physicians heard of the case, they confronted the specific APN who prescribed, and even wrote a proposal to revoke APNs prescription rights. The situation attracted different physicians and APNs who argued bitterly, with the argument turning physical when one physician slapped the accused APN. The following is a discussion of the role conflict with a focus on ways of resolving it using the 12 skills of resolving a conflict. Looking at the aforementioned conflict, one of the skills of resolving it was to employ the evidence-based win-win approach. The approach would give room for compromise between the opposing parties (CRN, 2014). Through the approach, the physicians would stop opposing APNs prescription rights on condition that the APNs wou ld prescribe in consultation with the physicians. Therefore, it would be important to ask the two teams to start collaborating in prescription rather than doing it alone with the urge of proving supremacy. Indeed, if there were collaborative consultation in prescription, there would have been no blame games following the patients death. The second skill that would have helped in conflict resolution would have been the creative response whereby someone turns the problems into realistic possibilities (CRN, 2014). Creative response actually helps someone to see difficulties as challenges rather than as problems. Therefore, it would have been better to calm the nurses and the physicians by telling them to stop the blame game and instead brainstorm for the possible solutions. Perhaps, the approach would have allowed the conflicting parties to treat the case as a learning experience rather than a mistake from the APN. Thirdly, empathy would be an imperative skill in such a case because it would help each conflicting party to feel that someone understands their grievances (CRN, 2014). Importantly, being empathetic would call for the person resolving the conflict to listen attentively to each party before suggesting possible solutions. Active listening will help in comprehending the clear picture, exploring the entire problem and getting appropriate solutions. In addition, empathy would have aided in calming down the conflict parties. The fourth skill that would be of great importance is appropriate assertiveness because it helps in stating the mediators position without arousing defenses of physicians and the nurses on the issue (CRN, 2014). For instance, using the I statements would help in stating how the mediator feels are the expected standards of practice for the APNs and the physicians instead of criticizing them on what they should have avoided or done. For instance, I would say, in my own opinion, I think both APNs and physicians can prescribe, but the proce ss should be collaborative. In so doing, everyone would see the sense of cooperating in finding a lasting solution for the prescribing controversy. The other skill that would have aided in solving the conflict would have been cooperative power in which the conflict mediator asks some open-ended questions in order to reframe the resistance among the conflicting persons (CRN, 2014). In so doing, it becomes easy to explore difficulties before re-directing the discussion to positive possibilities. Indeed, if the conflict mediator used open questions, it would have been easy to clarify details, look for options, and move to positive ideas, as well as return to legitimate concerns and needs. Furthermore, the conflict mediator may have tried to manage emotions by first handling his/her emotions towards the conflict and then handling the physicians and nurses emotions without bias. In handling their emotions, it would be necessary to support the needs of APNs and physicians without rooting for their destructive beliefs while alienating their reaction patterns (CRN, 2014). For instance, it is advisable to ask the nurses why they feel the physicians have offended them and then ask the physicians the same question. Once the conflict mediator is able to handle peoples emotions, there will absolutely be a spirit to collaborate in resolving the conflict. Moreover, the other important skill for the management of the conflict is the willingness to resolve (CRN, 2014). The conflict mediator has to be ready to understand whether the nurses and the physicians have the will to resolve the conflict by assessing their suppressed needs, their unresolved individual histories and their unacceptable qualities. For instance, there could be a history of a similar conflict in the past, which would be triggering the current conflict. Therefore, it is important for the mediator to apply the concept of projection by seeing his/her thoughts in the physicians and nurses behaviors. Equally imp ortant is to recognize most of the individuals unknown side. Accordingly, it is imperative to map the specific conflict by defining the existing issue and problem area in some neutral terms, which everyone would wholly agree on vehemently (CRN, 2014). Conflict mapping would for instance involve writing down the nurses and the physicians needs, their source of motivation, their concerns, anxieties and fears. Where possible, the conflict mediator should do conflict mapping for each individual involved in the conflict in order to understand each person better. If this had occurred, the nurses and the physicians would have begun to feel that someone is concerned about their issues. The next skill would involve development of various options using the clarifying tools, the generating tools, and the negotiating tools. For instance, chunking and researching would help in breaking the problem down and getting more information (CRN, 2014). Moreover, brainstorming and consensus as generatin g tools can help in building solutions while the establishment of alternatives would be a crucial negotiating tool. If the conflict mediator had managed to derive the best feasible options, whereby the physicians and the nurses would work together, including in medication prescription, part of the solution would be achievable. The other vital skill is negotiation, in which the nurses and the p...

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Case Study Harassment at Brademore Electric - 1732 Words

Running head: CASE STUDY: HARASSMENT AT BRADEMORE ELECTRIC Harassment at Brademore Electric Albert Balogun California Baptist University BUS 520A: Managerial Ethics Jim Bishop, PhD June 16, 2010 Harassment at Brademore Electric The purpose of this paper is to analyze briefly key issues involved in sexual harassment in workplaces using a case study titled ‘Harassment at Bradmore Electric’ as the basis of the analysis. Prior to analyzing the case study, a brief definition and description of sexual harassment is deemed necessary. Cases and reported incidence of sexual harassments have become rampant and escalating in workplaces and in educational settings. This†¦show more content†¦A behavior that is acceptable or even seen as positive to one might be viewed as sexual harassment by another. It would appear that it is responses to and outcomes of the behavior rather than the actual behavior that would result in perception of sexual harassment (Terpstra Baker, 1986). To prove a case of sexual harassment, the courts system was of the opinion that there ought to the presence of five elements. These elements are; a sexu al advance, made by a person who happens to be in a powerful or higher position or authority, to a person who is junior or in less powerful position, against the will of the person to whom the advance was made, and which ultimately may have adverse effects on the recipient’s ability to retain her job, to be fairly and objectively evaluated or promoted (Beauchamp et al, 2008). This is based on the intimidation model of sexual harassment. In later years, other bases for sexual harassment were established by the courts such as in 1993 when the United States Supreme Court gave its blessings in support of doctrine of hostile environments (Beauchamp et al, 2008). Synopsis of â€Å"Harassment† at Brademore Electric This case concerns a person in higher authority (Keith) who hired a junior worker (Maura) to work under his direct supervision. With a sense of entitlement to gratification for hiring Maura, Keith invited Maura to an outing which has no bearing to her job responsib ilities.Show MoreRelatedCase Study : Harassment At Brademore Electric1129 Words   |  5 PagesCase Study: â€Å"Harassment† at Brademore Electric Question 1 Keith’s case is an engagement that does not violate or involve unethical behavior at the workplace. By definition, sexual harassment involves the unlawful coercion or badgering of a person based on one’s gender or includes unwarranted sexual advances (â€Å"Facts about sexual harassment†). It may include sexual favors as well as physical or verbal provocation based on a sexual infliction. Keith may be infatuated with Maura but he has not made

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Americ A Great Success For The Europeans - 1285 Words

Settling America was a great success for the Europeans, but not Native Americans. The New World gave many a chance to move up in the social order and seek religious freedom. The poor were given an opportunity to trade their labor for passage over as indentured servants and even some women gained the right to conduct business and own property. Unfortunately Europe s gain harmed the Native Americans greatly. Their population was decimated and they were pushed from their homes to make room for new settlers. Though many benefitted, many were also harmed. Unlike most of history, colonization helped many women gain more rights and respect. In order to have an equal gender ratio, England sent â€Å"tobacco wives† (women sent to marry men in the†¦show more content†¦After they had served out their contract they would be given freedom dues, land and money, for their service. With that they were able to start their own farms and families and gain success. The failing Economy of Europe was an important deciding factor for many colonizing the new world. Spanish settlements were primarily for finding precious metals and other resources to send back to Spain, using Indian labor for mining and anything else that needed to be done. Most countries were looking for gold or resources to send back home. Colonies in the West Indies and South Carolina grew sugar, other colonies grew tobacco. Due to that, they needed more labor for their plantations, giving the opportunity to more people to come over. Virginia had lumber, which was used to build ships, which were used to send other goods back to England. America became essential to international trade, and even had trade agreements with the Indians, which was one of the time they did benefit from colonization. More so than economic reasons, religion was the number one push factor for many to move to America. Whether it was to spread their religion or for religious freedom, they were given the opportunity to do both. The Puritans came to America for both those things. They wanted to spread Protestantism among the natives, but their own reformed version, which they were persecuted for in England. They created a society based on Puritanism, with the Church being the center of their

The roman empire is the greatest civilization of all time free essay sample

It was the highest point of Roman civilization, greater than any prior empires and towers over even the empires after it; it triumphed over the world . The Roman Republic was what built up the foundation for the Roman Empire. During the Republic, a small group of people started from scratch and developed their own systems, which later develops into the Roman Empire. The strong leaders of the Republic had conquered much land and people for Rome. The Roman Republic thus gnites Roman civilization, which leads on to the second step- the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire started off with leader Augustus, who was left over from the last triumvirate of the Republic. He felt that a new era in the state had been securely laid , wanting Rome to have a fresh start. During the time of the Republic, Romans were mostly fighting for land, without much civilization. There was competition amongst rulers and the Republic did not much flourish. During the time of the Republic, Romans were mostly fighting for land, without much civilization. There was competition amongst rulers and the Republic did not much flourish. When the reign of Augustus began Pax Romana (Latin for peaceful Rome), there was peace at last. Land was not a problem for Rome, for it had an abundance, more than any empire before, due to the gains from the Republic, which decreased the Romans will to conquer more land. Their ambitions, instead, pointed towards other aspects of civilization. In the peace of Pax Romana, they put their conquered lands and people into good use, having them flourish, as one unified empire, in terms of politics, economics and culture. After the many wars during the Republic, there wasn t much of a government in Rome. During the last years of the Republic, rulers ruled according to what satisfied them. At the beginning of the Empire, however, Augustus set up a sound government that kept the Empire under control. He set up a system of policies with governing plans that assured him a strong government for such a large Empire. The Roman laws established by Augustus are still used in society today. Also established by Augustus was coinage throughout the whole empire, unifying the people. The Empire underwent a great reconstruction, a rebuild that was largest ever in history at the time. The outcome was so magnificent, the extravagant buildings made Rome look richer than ever, as if it was the capital of the world . Later empires look up to these spectacular accomplishments of the Romans. During the Roman Empire, there were many influences from different cultures of the different people they had conquered. Thus, Roman culture was adapted to many cultures. Two major aspects of culture that flourished were religion and literature. Romans took on Greek culture and became blended into a Greco Roman culture. Also Greek influences were the philosophies of Epicureanism and Stoicism. Stoicism taught that all was controlled by a superhuman power, and later beliefs developed from the popular philosophy. During the Empire, Christianity developed and Judaism spread as well. Judaism sprung a conquest of the Jews. Christianity was developed from Jesus, a Roman spread his teachings and beliefs which became to be a widespread religion. Literature also developed, taking on new forms. Patriotic works written about Rome, such as Livy s History and the Aeneid written by Virgil, were approved of by emperors. However, during the Empire, new forms developed in Latin literature where writers works were of criticism rather than patriotism; they mocked the society and politics of great Rome . Although the works mocked the Empire, they were of a new developed form during the Roman Empire at its peak and were tolerated. They were important as well, for they named the period of time the silver age of literature. Because of its many conquests, Rome s economy, as a whole, was in great shape. However, the wars had sucked out the last of riches from the poor. Thus, the economy was not well balanced. Under the rule of Augustus, work programs were set up to help the poor and under the rule of Augustus, everyone had an opportunity to work and make money. Because Augustus encouraged trade, many roads and highways were built for convenient traveling. Trading made easier increased trade, which boosted Roman economy even more. The Greek Empire occurred before the Romans and when compared to the Roman Empire, seems to be modest, not as great. The Greeks did not have as much conquered lands, which lessens their power. What they did have conquered was divided into parts amongst different rulers, who were constantly at war with each other, lacking the peace that Pax Romana had. The conquered Greek lands did not have a chance to civilize as one great empire as the Romans had. The Byzantine Empire followed the Roman Empire, and it, also, seems meager in comparison. It had evolved from the Roman Empire, and because it was in the late stage that it was in, land had been lost, so in terms of size, the Roman Empire was superior to the Byzantine. The empire wasn t strong, either. At the start, the first ruler, Justinian, attempted to reconquer Roman lands, but in doing so, left his own land in ruins, and his conquests were lost right after his death. The Empire faced many enemies and was threatened constantly by them. Eventually, all land was lost except for the Constantinople, the rich and powerful capital city, and the land surrounding it. As can be seen, the Roman Empire was great for its time in more ways that one, with its undefeatable strength and size . It was greater than the empires before it and even though it should seem that later empires should be more advanced and greater, the greatness of the Roman Empire still exceeded the later ones. In terms of land, they were great for they had conquered much during the Republic, which gave them a head start on the Empire. As for a government, a sound one was set up by Augustus that continued to keep Rome under control even after he died. Rome s economy was in good shape because of their conquests and to make it even better, it was made so the poor had some wealth, too. Although it is claimed that the decline of the Roman Empire began after Augustus reign, it was a slow decline, not a sudden collapse . The Empire was still strong and thriving for many years. The Empire ended when the western part fell. In actuality, the Roman Empire did not end there. Because the western portion of the Empire was gone, the Empire was considered to be ended there. But the eastern half actually flourished for years to come. The Roman Empire was a great one and the accomplishments made during the time lived on after its existence of the empire. It was looked up to by other nations for its obvious greatness in size and strength, and the other aspects of this empire that made it so great.

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Fun Topics For Writing a Process Essay

Fun Topics For Writing a Process EssayWriting a process essay is a type of essay in which the key objective is to give the reader some tips or suggestions on what type of solution to the problem is needed. The topics to be covered should be easy to read and something that would be easy to discuss and try to solve.Process essays are often written because of a great need for action that needs to be taken to eliminate, replace or improve something. They're also good at teaching students, as the students themselves often have questions, such as; 'How can I make my job better, faster, easier or more efficient?'So how do you write a good process essays? There are a few simple rules that you must follow when you're writing your own, either for the exam or for pleasure. The three key rules are:Questions should be asked and answered: Questions are what students are after! They need to be simple and straight forward. You can use questions to provide easy exercises that would help the student l earn more about a particular subject. A little history and information about the subject would be fun as well, because you can get a feeling for the subject, which will also help when you're writing the essay.Examples are best: When writing an essay, usually the examples are the hardest part. After all, it's very easy to memorize, especially if you do it frequently. If you want your process essay to be really effective, then you should always use examples.Be specific about the system: If you're using a system, make sure to specify what that system is in your essay. For example, a very good essay is one that explains how a system is better than anything else. You can be specific by using examples, explaining the benefits of each method and also stating the disadvantages. This is important if you're using software.Make sure to include your information: To be able to describe the system you're using, you need to be able to give examples of all topics. You can even state some examples b y using a few sentences.Using these tips, you'll be able to write a process essay that is well worth your time and effort. Good luck!

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Want to Know More About Good Beowulf Essay Topics?

Want to Know More About Good Beowulf Essay Topics? There are some fundamental rules when you're thinking of deciding on this issue. When it has to do with writing an argumentative essay, the main issue to do is to select a topic and an argument that you may really get behind. Irrespective of your opinion on the subject, the very first question would be a lot more difficult to write about than the second. When you are requested to select a great topic for your argument, start with something you're acquainted with. New Step by Step Roadmap for Good Beowulf Essay Topics You don't need to find super technical with legal argumentative essays, but be certain to do your homework on what the recent laws about your favorite topic actually say. It's vital for writers to select intriguing topics for their work to ensure it is captivating. The dearth of knowledge on the best way to choose suitable essay topics renders an essay flawed from the very start. The subject can be associated with science or literature. Different essay types need various questions. Moral argumentative essay topics are a few of the simplest to get carried away with. Such essays help gauge the writer's capability to write on a particular topic in an engaging way. Banking essays can be real fun to play with if you've got an exhaustive understanding about the discipline and have keen interest in writing, so should you think that you cannot write decent banking essays than again you're erroneous. Choosing Good Beowulf Essay Topics Is Simple Choosingessay topics is essential for a student. For a student in the center school the usual topics are associated with science and history. The dragon at the same point says, I know what's in your thoughts. Beowulf put his life at stake for the protection of his people once the monster attacked their village. The poem highlights the notion that evil can cleanse the area of evil. Nobody really wishes to compose an essay. After the essay is written, do not neglect to revi ew it and make sure that it's fluent and concise. If you would like to compose a winning essay, you have to stick to the professor's prompt precisely. As stated previously, a great essay would adhere to the conventional personal essay format. At any time you catch yourself feeling captivated by somebody's essay or article, take a better look at it. You always intuitively understand as soon as an intriguing essay idea is really the very best idea for you. People felt that each one of the amazing deeds which he had done made him deserve glorification. If you discover fantastic essay topics, gather enough handy info on your subject and learn to compose an analytical essay, your essay writing will be as simple as pie. The Tried and True Method for Good Beowulf Essay Topics in Step by Step Detail Beowulf has the standard features of an epic hero. Beowulf is here in order to save the folks of Herot while Grendel is here in order to terrorize them. Beowulf is among the most renowned novels in English history. The epic poem Beowulf encompasses all facets of a fantastic tale. Inspiration to make your own advertising or media argumentative essay topics isn't really hard to discover. Hence, if you believe banking essays are boring just like your organization studies are, then you're probably wrong here. Absolutely free Beowulf essay samples are offered on FreeEssayHelp with no payment or registration. Though a weak, rambling introduction will normally indicate the subsequent essay also lacks clarity, a great introduction will permit the reader know precisely what will happen through the paper. Together with the topics, you'd discover loads of papers at no cost. Another suggestion for your picking great essay topics is to just spend the list and go off to the library. Having highlighted the above, the following advice will permit you pick a topic for writing university essays that are of high quality and relevant in the contemporary field of specialty. Life After Good Beowulf Essay Topics The essay demands proficient handling and expert strategy. As a student you should have the interest to work on a specific topic and excel in the exact same. Besides general knowledge you have regarding this issue, you won't mind dedicating some opportunity to research, writing procedure, and other things essential for the high-quality essay. The student has adequate details on the topic a nd thus it's much simpler for them to capture all that in one statement without leaving anything out.

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Fraud, Deceptions, and Downright Lies About Sdsu Scholarship Essay Samples Exposed

Fraud, Deceptions, and Downright Lies About Sdsu Scholarship Essay Samples Exposed Choosing Sdsu Scholarship Essay Samples Is Simple To have the very best chance at winning scholarships, you must understand how to begin your essay off perfect. If you're asking for a scholarship, odds are you're likely to should compose an essay. The students who would like to be prosperous in this kind of challenge must make certain that they refer just to the excellent examples of scholarship essays for making a great impression on its readers. Your future is dependent on it. Before you really begin filling out your scholarship applications, you have to devote some time considering how to write a scholarship essay that will secure the results which you want. Bear in mind that all scholarship applications are different, and that means you might need to design your essay to satisfy those particular requirements. The main reason why it's necessary for you to make sure you will produce an extensive and thorough scholarship essay is because of the benefits that it may provide to your scholarship application. Choosing Sdsu Scholarship Essay Samples Is Simple Proofreading is a significant part of writing a scholarship essay, particularly if you're asking for a foreign program. It is thought to be the absolute most significant part your application, since the scholarship committee will use this to assess who you are as an individual, in addition to your outlook in life. Students lead busy lives and frequently forget about a coming deadline. Have a look at this Graduate Scholarship Example to come up with your case. Therefore, among the most important things you need to do when getting prepared to compose your college scholarship essays is to devote some time reflecting on exactly how wonderful you truly are. Show your enthusiasm, and how interested you're in truly being a portion of their program. Not everybody can afford superior education, and that's why some people today decide to join the institution's scholarship program. Being part of a superior educational institution can be very costly. Key Pieces of Sdsu Scholarship Essay Samples Be certain to keep these suggestions and parts of advice in mind and they can help you adhere to the academic standards and general writing rules. In case you have any doubts contact the university administration and request clarifications. It's natural for students not to bear in mind all details and rules of formatting. You require these suggestions to boost your writing. It's simple to point out an essay that's been written solely for the interest of it. You would like your essay to stick out from all the others. At our essay assistance, essays are always delivered in a brief moment. A superb essay is one which leaves an enduring impression. Application essays normally have a crystal clear statement, a specific subject that has to be covered. Freelance essay writer You may look for freelance essay writers on the internet also. An essay outline will allow you to organize the total structure of your essay. While scholarship essay format won't offer you any credentials, they need to be able to steer you properly on the best way to compose the appropriate essay. A creative writing catches the eye, and it may become your passport to a brand-new academic journey. Keep these ideas in mind the next time you compose an essay. Your introduction appears like your main hurdle, but it's actually a potent weapon. Inspiring other students to look for knowledge kindles my own search to understand the world and the folks around me. What Does Sdsu Scholarship Essay Samples Mean? The cost of an essay is dependent upon the total amount of effort the writer has to exert. If you're sure in regards to the repute of a specific essay w riting service then it is possible to approach their site for finding the essential assistance. When these essays can look like a little step toward your future, they're a step nonetheless. Customized scholarship essay is a great remedy to all of your problems! Don't use any fancy fonts as it can produce the essay appear informal. Inside this instance, the writer doesn't have proper command over using commas namely they're missing in places they should have been added and added places they're not required. You must look through some formatting guides and look closely at the specifications your institution gave you in regards to the paper format. An easy, yet effective shift. You may also find a variety of discounts on our site which will help you to save some more money for future orders or anything you want to spend them on. It is possible to download one particular paper every day at no cost, or share your own writings and find an unlimited accessibility to the paper base. After discovering our website, you will no longer will need to bother friends and family with these kinds of requests. There's no ideal recipe for writing an essay, but there are a few ingredients that you are able to add to make it even more appealing.